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Why You Should Buy Instagram Account With 10k Followers in Nigeria

There are a variety of Instagram account providers in the marketplace however we noticed an ever-growing problem of too many providers selling poorly-built accounts or accounts that are mixed with fake followers, or misused to increase engagement in a non-natural way. These aren’t practices that we believe result in a satisfactory purchase experience. And we also remember that occasionally it’s far difficult to find a trusted source to buy Nigerian Instagram followers accounts.

That is why Metrohyp Digital has worked difficultly to be able to make a safe place wherein we are capable of providing the best accounts. You could be assured that the Instagram accounts we sell are never grown with the aid of using those techniques and seeing that all the names of our accounts are publicly visible, before purchase, you may test them in real-time. It’s more affordable to buy Nigerian Instagram followers account than to buy Nigerian Instagram followers on your existing account


When the transaction is finalized, we will transfer all associated information to you, making you the new owner of the Instagram account.. This is why we are the best site to Buy Instagram Account With 10k Followers in Nigeria.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We are dedicated to making our customers happy & satisfied. Once you receive your Instagram account from us, Metrohyp Support will be available to help you with any questions. Getting feedback of how satisfied our customers are inspire us to do better.

Secure Payment Method

We take your privacy seriously. Partnership with banks to provide you with safely encrypted transactions making sure that payment is securely captured. That’s why no other Instagram platform to buy Instagram Account With 10k Followers in Nigeria offers high-quality security like Metro Hype.

Buy Real Nigerian Instagram Accounts

where to buy real instagram followers in nigeria
where to buy real instagram followers in nigeria
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Where to Buy Nigerian Instagram Followers Accounts

Are you looking for Buy Instagram Account With 10k Followers in Nigeria? Thousands of marketing agencies, social media managers, and brands use Metrohyp to buy Nigerian Instagram followers accounts. We offer multiple categories to filter through to buy Nigerian Instagram followers account for your next business venture.

All listings on Metrohyp digitals are verified and checked by our team before being published on the marketplace. Metrohyp offers an array of tools to make your purchase safe and secure, on our marketplace you will find authentic Instagram accounts with real followers and engagement than you can ever find.

how to Buy Instagram Account with 10k Followers in Nigeria

Choose your Instagram package

There are various packages to buy Instagram followers in Nigeria. Select from any of the packages from on our website.

Fill Order Form

Fill all blacks in this form, it will give us a better understanding of the types of followers your want and how fast you want us to deliver your requested order

Complete Order Request

Make payment through our secure payment gateway, Once your payment is verified, we will begin immediately.

Frequently Asked Question

Will The Followers Be Active?

Absolutely, although it depend on the kind of content you post on the page. But  you will be allowed to view the account before payment.

How Does It Work?

After inspection and negotiation, payment will be expected  and once payment has been confirmed, you will be given the account login details.

Hope i won't lose the account afterwards

We do not take back account, In fact, we will guide you through securing your account and thing that need to be edited 1st before or after transaction.

Will i lose Followers?

Possibly, Instagram algorithm is quite not predictable,  but it’s possible for you to lose few followers after the change of username and pictures.

Should i Delete or Archive posts

We will advise archiving the first 15 post on the account after you have login the account and wait at least 2 hours before deleting posts after login and not rush it, because it might alert Instagram of suspicious activity.

How Long will It Take?

This shouldn’t take more than few minutes.

Verifying your Instagram account has been made easier. However, some people will disagree. Instagram has made it clear that the blue verification badge is not something one can buy; it has to be earned. Therefore, not everyone will be eligible for it. Meanwhile, some accounts get verified without much stress; for example; Artist/Musicians accounts are mostly smoothly verified, Although, some might be challenging. However, nothing is impossible. as we have participated in verifying quite a number of accounts on Instagram.

Let us help you get a verification blue badge for your Instagram account. Speed up your Instagram verification eligibility

For more Information email or visit our office or send us a whasapp chat now

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