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where to Buy Nigerian Instagram accounts in Nigeria

Who need to buy instagarm account in Nigeria with 100k followers and above

Artists/ Musicians

Most artists or musicians grow fast and get quickly known or observed when they have large numbers of followers, which is why we encourage them to buy real Nigerian Instagram accounts with 100k followers and above.


It's better to buy Instagram account in Nigeria with 100,000 followers because more companies and brands will want to do business with your brand once they see you have reasonable numbers of followers.

Small Businesses / Organizations

When you buy real Nigerian Instagram accounts it will attract more customers and help clients develop a level of trust for your product or services.

Content Creators

As an entertainer, if you buy Nigerian Instagram followers or buy Instagram accounts in Nigeria, it will help you reach more people and grow your audience faster.

Why You Should buy instagram Accounts in Nigeria

  1. Building a following on Instagram from the start can take a lot of time and be complicated. Buying an account that already has fans can save you time and let you focus on making great content and interacting with your followers.
  2. An established Instagram account with a large following can give you instant credibility in your niche or industry. This can be especially valuable if you’re a business owner looking to build your brand and attract new customers.
  3. Buying Instagram accounts in Nigeria can give you access to new audiences that you might not be able to reach alone. This can be especially valuable if you want to expand your reach and connect with people outside your immediate network.


Our pages are cheap, and the followers are real Instagram followers, compared to what you will get from any of our competitors when you buy cheap Instagram followers in Nigeria . Which is why we are the best site to buy Instagram account in Nigeria or buy 100k Instagram followers cheaply.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We are dedicated to making our customers happy & satisfied. Getting feedback of how satisfied our customers are inspire us to do better.

Secure Payment Method

We take your privacy seriously. That’s why no other Instagram platform to buy real Instagram followers account in Nigeria offer high-quality security like Metro Hype. All credit/debit card payment transactions processed are entirely secure with no access to any third-parties or us ourselves.

3 scams To look out for before you Buy 100k Instagram account for sale

While buying Instagram accounts in Nigeria can be a great way to save time and effort, it’s important to be aware of the risks involved. Here are a few things to look out for when buying Instagram accounts:

  • Fake followers: Some sellers may artificially inflate the follower count of an Instagram account by buying fake followers. Make sure to check the engagement rate and other metrics to ensure that the followers are legitimate.

  • Stolen accounts: Some sellers may sell stolen Instagram accounts, which can lead to legal issues down the line. Make sure to verify the ownership of the account before purchasing it.

  • Scams: As with any online transaction, there is a risk of scams when buying Instagram accounts in Nigeria. Make sure to use a secure payment method and do your research on the seller before making any payments.

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Buy Real Nigerian Instagram Accounts

where to buy real instagram followers in nigeria
where to buy real instagram followers in nigeria

Nigeria Instagram account for sale

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how to buy instagram account in Nigeria

Choose your Instagram package

There are various packages to buy Instagram followers in Nigeria. Select from any of the packages from on our website.

Fill Order Form

Fill all blacks in this form, it will give us a better understanding of the types of followers your want and how fast you want us to deliver your requested order

Complete Order Request

Make payment through our secure payment gateway, Once your payment is verified, we will begin immediately.

Frequently Asked Question

Will The Followers Be Active?

Absolutely, although it depend on the kind of content you post on the page. But  you will be allowed to view the account before payment.

How Does It Work?

After inspection and negotiation, payment will be expected  and once payment has been confirmed, you will be given the account login details.

Hope i won't lose the account afterwards

We do not take back account, In fact, we will guide you through securing your account and thing that need to be edited 1st before or after transaction.

Will i lose Followers if I buy followers Instagram Nigeria?

Possibly, Instagram algorithm is quite not predictable,  but it’s possible for you to lose few followers after the change of username and pictures.

Should i Delete or Archive posts

We will advise archiving the first 15 post on the account after you have login the account and wait at least 2 hours before deleting posts after login and not rush it, because it might alert Instagram of suspicious activity.

How Long will It Take?

Due to the new update of Instagram recently, we strongly believe with our marketing strategies we would be able to grow about 2000 – 4000 real active Nigerian Instagram followers in a Month

is selling instagram accounts illegal?

There is no law against buying or selling Instagram accounts in Nigeria. However, it’s important to make sure that the account you’re buying is legitimate and that you have the rights to use the content on the account.

How much does it cost to buy an Instagram account in Nigeria?

The cost of buying an Instagram account in Nigeria can vary depending on the size of the account, the niche or industry, and other factors. Generally, accounts with larger followings will cost more than smaller accounts.

Verifying your Instagram account has been made easier. However, some people will disagree. Instagram has made it clear that the blue verification badge is not something one can buy; it has to be earned. Therefore, not everyone will be eligible for it. Meanwhile, some accounts get verified without much stress; for example; Artist/Musicians accounts are mostly smoothly verified, Although, some might be challenging. However, nothing is impossible. as we have participated verifying quite a number of accounts on Instagram.

Let help you get verification blue badge for your Instagram account. Speed up your Instagram verification eligibility

For more Information email or visit our office or send us a whasapp chat now

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