Sponsored Ads Training

Aren't you tired of giving out your password to someone to help you grow your followers or help you run sponsored ads?

Although you have been trying to get this things done yourself but each time you try, you end up failing in setting up your ads, because you have little or no knowledge setting it up.

Metro Hype is here to help you solve that. We are giving out our sponsored ads video training tutorial for 75% off.
These are videos that will enlighen you on;
•The 3 methods of running sponsored ads on instagram and facebook
•Types of ads and which convert the most
•How to exclude ads from displaying to those that have seen it before
•How to set up lookalike audiences
•How solve not an Admin issue
•Solution to payment card declined
•Tip of how to grow real instagram followers

Sponsored ads class

Training Payment

#3,500 / month
  • How to run sponsored ads
  • How to target the exact types of audiece
  • Solution to payment card declined
  • How to change payment currency
  • How to add another business admin
  • Many more

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